Thursday, November 17, 2016

In the passing...

It has been a strange few months or rather half a year for me.
I can see some transitions at the door and yet strange peace prevails ,peace that passeth all understanding...
Every nook and corner Romans8 vs 28 bombards me...I believe the promise because it has come to me from five or six definite places..from posters sent to me by prophets, to embroidery made on casement, mounted and brought as a gift by praying friends.It has been thrown down from the pulpits and from the inscriptions on the pages of the old books I have not opened since I passed my first professionals.Just how much assurance can I expect from a friend who has called me His kin.
It strikes me how fragile our lives are .....and so are the things that we think we do .
Our time and our back is in our maker's hand .
Sometimes we take on too much in life terms of responsibility,opinions,stands, and we play God,we judge,we crib,we come to quick conclusions......God in His mercy is teaching me to stand back and chill and know that He is God.
He is teaching me to cry out to Him in my need and to trust Him as I take faltering steps forward in faith......but mostly to let His assurance really sink in that ,"all things work together for good of  those who love God and are called according to His purpose."

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