Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boot ka sattu!!

Nine year old Ashok Bhuiya was brought into the outpatient gasping for breath.There was a history of snake-bite and he was unconcious.As soon as he entered the ACU we intubated him and put him on the ventilator and then went on to treat his snake-bite symptoms.Normally snake-bite with neurotoxic features respond quite fast to rapid resuscitation,so much so that after the bolus doses of ASV and the support drugs they often get up instantly and throw off the endotracheal tubes-I have seen quite a few of these cases.Ashok Bhuiya however was an abberation.His vitals were holding ,he was delirious and his sats were not too good.
Even after the full dose of ASV ,he continued to struggle for breath so we kept him on the ventilator,overnight.The next day in the morning i noticed his level of conciousness was good but he still did not have his breathing back.After disconnecting the ventilator for a while and encouraging him to breath on his own,after ten breaths or so he asked to be connected back-I did so with a strict instruction to the ACU nurse to start weaning him off the support.The third day in the morning he was off the ventilator,extubated but still had ptosis.He was a portly nine year old .I made him sit up on the bed and gave him a glass of water and asked him lightly what he would like to eat for breakfast!
His response was-'boot ka sattu'!Needless to say I was taken aback by his specifics.When I visited him during lunch time I asked him what he had ultimately got for breakfast and he gayly answered channae ka sattu!I was a little amused and was gently teasing him as to how he had not got what he wanted...he gave me a blank look.That was when someone informed me 'boot' was a synonym for channa.
Eversince his response of'boot ka sattu 'has been haunting me .All power to little Ashok Bhuiya!

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