Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hey -What's going on?

My brother-in law was in town.He made a trip to Lukhnow and La-Mart's.He has some good news.The school has been declared a world heritage site and heavy repairs are on in the campus.I am glad it is happening.
Jammed up at a good friend of my sister's(Asenla Jamir) in Delhi yesterday night-felt strange-had seen her when I must have been around seven or so and she remembered every detail of those days-had a lovely dinner with the lovely lady-who sang to us a lovely rendition of 'hey what's going on'by Non-Blondes.They all seem so much in it although their whole batch is touching fifty in a couple of years time.So much for lasting friendships and beautiful people!-They are like good wine maturing and more priceless with age!
In the mean time I still have not got over the Uttraula haze-People come and people go but they leave behind a portion of themselves with us -there is a trend with the Uttraula public.Everyone wants to conceive-God knows why?Couples pushing fifty come into the OPD requesting to be treated for secondary infertility.If you ask them about the number of alive issues without batting their eyelids they will say 'none'-Read-seven girls but no boys!
Girls do not count as issues here and this is UP-the highest populated state in India.Family planning programmes fall flat on the face -this is frightening by any standards!I still mantain that UP has the highest number of elites in the Indian scenario yet each time I get a chance to have a look at the health scenario in the state I shudder to think of the impending crisis the state is running into -and the spill overs one can expect from it!Jharkhand with all it's poverty ,political problems and novelty of being a new state seems so much more in control!

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