Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doctor,have you had a knife on your person ever?

I had never had a surgery in my life.
I have done plenty of it inspite of my not choosing it for my speciality.
I have enjoyed doing them.It gives clinicians a certain high-just the feel of.......being in control...having the ability to open up a patient and setting things right...and closing them and presto! they actually walk out of the hospital almost normal!
This time God was kind enough to put me on the other side of the knife.
I went through the entire procedure but somewhere along the time when I was moving towards full recuperation I felt a strange sense of humiliation-my grouche was-when God had made me perfect in his image,why was there a need for man to put a knife on my body?I never knew such a feeling even existed-it was a revelation,a step towards empathising better with my patients and understanding Isaiah 53:5 better.
When one of my relatives had an attack of appendicites ,he hesistated a lot at the prospect of going under the knife I overheard him say'but I have never had a knife on my body before'.
I found myself telling him ,there is a thing or two left for you to learn -go through it ,it is a growing process!
However he is not a doctor.

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