Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Rain.

The monsoons came two days too late this year.
I looked up to the skies in desperation for that flurry of dark clouds that precede rain...
There were patches every where-we would but gear up for the rains at night and a gale would blow it away.
We started praying...and we looked up to the skies in expectation...the first day...the second day ,we the officers did a cooperate rains still....the third day we prevailed in prayer and left it to the lord...the rain came and oh it came....eversince there has been continuos mercy falling in the skies,trees,ground and our thirst parched souls.I actually cannot get enough of it.Even at the middle of the night I find myself cocking my ears to make sure that the sound I hear is that of the water on the roof...steadily hitting the roof,....falling ,falling,falling!
I put my sleepy head back on the pillow satisfied that it is raining.
Oh the simple joys of answered prayers!

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