Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Check-list Manifesto!

Over the last few months,my mind has constantly dwelled on the quality of work we do.
I find myself perpetually pressed, trying to barely manage or make do with the kind of work I have no interest or a knack for.For all practical purposes it works...things run and life goes on...most people are happy except me ,I find myself getting a bit restless.
I find myself increasingly cautioning my juniors against cutting corners while doing procedures and things,because one fine day you wake up to realise that while doing so, we have compromised on quality as well.Classical example is making diagnosis in rural hospitals without relying on investigations being done in the laboratories,because for whatever reason we find the results are not reliable,the diagnosis is fine patients get better but the juniors who work with you begin to think that it is the norm.
Atul Gawande's'The checklist Manifesto' comes as a breather.
It talks about using checklist for the most simple medical procedures and has datas to support the difference it makes in the patient management out-come.
I am not exactly a check-list kind of person-however I agree with Gawande when he says,the idea of having a checklist is to get the mundane out of the way so that we can concentrate on other abberations that might occur.
It looks like an ideal way of minimising all the iatrogenic complications that pop out when we do our audits.I liked the book.

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