Saturday, June 19, 2010

I pray for you Palaumu!

Today the boys on their daily round of the blocks for tuberculosis work were narrating an incident of cold murder in bright daylight.Apparently an old score had to be settled and so a young man was tied up with a rope at all angles and dragged across the tough Manatu road behind a motor cycle-the man apparently died!I thought such things only happened in hindi movies.By the time they reached the place the area was infested with police personals.
This is a tough world in tough times.This is Palaumu for you living up to it's reputation of being the 'bloodiest district in India'.
Eight years ago when I was posted to Tumbagara that was how I had been introduced to my destination of work.That was the only information I had about the place peppered with heavy advices to decline the offer.Much to the chagrin of all involved my leading was clear.I don't regret my decision one bit even as I get ready to say adieu to the place and all the memories I have of the place.
I would have become a lesser person had Tumbagara not happened to me.
I pray for you Palaumu!


TumTumMary said...

Really sounds crazy.hope you have a safe passage.

pixi said...

These are abberations that happen off and on and we often hear about it although in the interiors it is a part of their everyday lives!