Friday, August 6, 2010


Chapters in life keep opening and closing-very often it is for a time and sometimes it is quite final.You learn each time but the learning comes with the reality which hits you off and on...even as you move on...a pain somewhere which hopefully time will heal.You watch,you live....God gives you an oppurtunity to see things from a point of view one may never have been sensitive about earlier.....we learn the hard way most times.
Being in a medical profession ,we see death so often that we often shut ourselves to it.There comes a time when it hits you on the face....and then the very experience .....helps you grow.
Loneliness of the dying has been very much a part of my meditation in the recent week.As I was sharing my experience a friend seemed to be very quiet and she suddenly asked me,if it was possible for believers to be lonely when they are dying?Difficult question to answer and when I asked her why?-she told me that her father breathed his last even as he asked her mother to pray for him-she just wondered when I shared my experience with her.
I find that it is next to impossible to connect with the dying unless you are connected to the very source of life.It is that juncture of one's life when one has finished off with spouting philosophies ,every minute is so precious,every second so sacred...the power to reach out to the dying in their acute loneliness can only come from above.....amidst the hulla-bulla of the people who surround you ,look to your needs,talk to can be very lonely ,it is indeed a very special ministry -ministered to perfection only by the Great Comforter -God in his grace lets us be partakers in it sometimes!

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