Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something due......

My cousin PG who passed away recently was an exceptional person.Almost a decade older than I ,reckless as can be ,did everything one could possibly do in his lifetime.Was an achiever who broke rules every step of the way and always had the last laugh most times.
I remember him being picked out in school for getting into a gang fight of sorts-I also remember him being a rebel in school and topping the boards-I remember him bearded and into martial arts.......hearing stories about his hindu days...he was once telling me how he burnt all his furnitures in the lawn of his college on the last but one day....he topped his college as well.I remember his father changing drivers gallore because he was found perpetually in their company 'guitaring' away and generally jamming around.I remember my uncle taking my two cousins in turn for sessions of lecture which lasted half an hour or so but both the boys were in complete awe of the father.
He went on at the age of 22 to fields of the IAS and suddenly he was the beaurocrat to the hilt!-he was an exceptional administrator-intelligent,clean and often picked up by his political bosses to straighten things out .
He married and when he had his first child I remember him making an off-hand remark one day about how for the first time in his life he had experienced fear when the flight was more turbulent than usual-his first thought was for his new-born daughter.
From beaurocracy to the bike days ..his telephones would come from different destination...'keeping a tab' is what he used to say ,but a reminder to uphold him in prayers is what I believe it was.
I somehow caught up with him in the last decade of his life.He was a good brother to have and much too intelligent for our comfort sometimes.
Secrets never remained a secret with him....he could look through the struggles and the areas of our lives and put his fingers on it and come up with revelations ...smirking all the way...he left you speechless sometimes with his one liners,wondering what was in his mind.....and we argued and we argued about religion...,about priciples...about relationships......about everything under the earth...we loved our brother.
A lot of people have said and written a lot of things...about him...some things hold true...some things sound strange...someone in one of the tributes has even mentioned in all good intent that he never took life too seriously-I for one,know my brother as an exceptionally sensitive ,intelligent individual who took life much more seriously than most of us do.The last ten years of his life has been a search..a journey
to find himself..much has been written,discussed....and understood or misunderstood about his life...I ,for one, would fervently like to believe that he had the last laugh even at the end.

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