Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something of the yore and something new!

Kumud,Sandhya,Pradhan and Ajay were here for a day.They had an extra day at hand.They were on their way to attend the MUC,they arrived a day earlier and they came away straight to Herbertpur.It gladdened my heart to see them.
Spent a lovely evening with them.It was like having one's family visit.
Prayed for Satbarwa together.
It's two weeks exactly since I joined H'pur and the women's group met at my place today to get ready for the all night prayer at the church.We have the women leading the worship from ten to eleven.Lyn is leading us in worship and the lovely ladies are all supporting her in spirit.It's such a joy to meet up with a group of ladies who are ready and open for the lord to work in their lives.I am excited,I don't remember a time ever when I have waited on the lord for a whole night...
The DNB students had their internal evaluation today.Geogy is here for the same.He spends his time diligently with the student,working on them so as to make sure not to discourage them in any way.
My heart aches for these kids who are extremely sincere and diligent,believers and non-believers alike.My earnest prayer is that the Lord will take over their training and we will see some breakthroughs in every which ways.These are special people brought into the sphere of our walk with the Lord,may we be able to honour the Lord ,as individuals and as an organisation in the way we guide them and treat them.

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