Tuesday, August 17, 2010

These days...!

HCH feels hazy and like a dream.It is that time in my life when everything seems a little surreal.Have just lost a cousin who was such an important part of our lives,everything seems so temporary!Was driving through to the Himachal border to Ponta for dinner with friends,the scenery around was really quite out of the world.The river flowing ,the hills,the endless forests...and then ofcourse the man-made place of worship...hindu,sikh or muslims...,I wondered aloud..why does man immediately build a place of worship wherever they find an out of the world place?It is that deep longing to connect with the creator of the beauty I suppose!!
I have not really settled down in Herbertpur the way I thought I would-the deep restlessness is still there.It is just the second week,I suppose there is enough time.I have a deep peace about what I have left behind,but oh lord,I still do need clarity about the steps ahead.

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