Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today my neice who had come to be with her father for the last three months flies back to the US sans the assurance of having the earthly father,I cannot begin to understand her pain.Walking up the hill for the last rites,she was heard commenting 'appa is so mean!He is making us walk so much!'I could almost visualise my cousin winking.
The other day there was an article in the newspaper sent all the way from the UN where an IPS officer from the backwater is posted .It was a tribute to a senior colleague who had been his district collector when he was posted afresh as a young police officer in the God's own country.
I received another letter from a lovely lady from Bangalore who had been in school with him and had read his book.I thought it was a lovely gesture of grace ,especially since I did not know her.
For the past two days the pastor has been blessing us with this lovely words-'The Lord remembers!'.
What a beautiful assurance and what a beautiful truth!We,with our short memory tend to forget easily but the Lord remembers .The lord remembers your graciousness..,your kindness...
but most of all the Lord remembers you and me.

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