Tuesday, August 24, 2010

He came from heaven to earth to show the way!

Was reading from the epistles for the morning quiet time.Enjoyed Philipians .I had my chapel turn .Was looking to the Lord for some guidance .While praying,I was suddenly singing in the spirit...the leading was to speak about Christ's ministry...so I had to turn back to the Gospels...and it was the gospel of John that I turned to.
Certain aspects of jesus' ministry came through.
1)He was 'sent'.
2)His purpose was clear and he moved with His head towards Jerusalem...towards the purpose.
3)His priorities were clear..as He teaches his disciples to pray..
Oh Lord our father,
who ought in Heaven ,
Hallowed be thy name..,
Thy Kingdom come...
4)He came to reconcile and restore men not to condemn them.
5)His most intimate burden which he shares with His father in His prayer were-
-that they have eternal life and this is eternal life that they know you and jesus Christ whom you have sent.
-that they may be one as we are one .
-That they may be sanctified by truth and the truth is your Word.
6)Great Comission.
7)The restoration of Simon Peter and the question-'Do you love me?-if so...feed my lamb.
8)If you love me you will obey my commands.

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