Monday, December 7, 2009

Akshay,his spine,paraplegia ……and the joy of the lord !!

Little Akshay Kumar was brought to the hospital a month ago with complete paraplegia .For one so young,barely seven ,with retention of urine he had the forbearance of a child who has seen more than his share of pain.He was literally crushed under the grain crusher.He had injury and bleeding in the abdomen for which he had an emergency laparotomy –he survived the surgery but no one could do anything about his spine.They came to me in the emergency ,parents in that broken state …..Akshay was their only child.
I looked into the reversible and consulted a spine surgeon in Vellore who gave the verdict,no intervention could be done and one could not predict the prognosis.How do you explain such a prognosis to a mother of a child in such distress.You teach them what life has taught you during such crisis and hope fervently that somehow they catch on.They stayed in our hospital for a week.During their time we shared the gospel and taught the mother to pray.
They decided to take the child home and care for him there.In the mean time we had mobilized prayer ,the spine surgeon with the compassion of a missionary at heart kept enquiring about the child.
A month later ,a lady suddenly barged into my OPD .Seemed extremely glad to see me for some reason,and said that she had been searching for me all over.Observing that the other senior doctor was examining the patient I told her I would look in later.
Akshay ,it was ,as I gathered later.Wonder of wonders he had started flexing his knee-had developed a few decubites ulcers.My spirit was lifted further when she attributed Akshay’s progress to Jesus’ grace.
Often in our work places we see endless sufferings ,until everything around becomes a norm.We pray with patients ,we pray for patients.Our greatest challenge comes when we face these chronically diseased patients in all phases.Every day becomes a challenge then.
We serve ,God heals……there is the physical ailment glaring at us and there is the mental and the spiritual aspect which we often take for granted….the healing is essential anew every day of their continue onwards…to press on…..and then the greatest gift to press on with true joy in their hearts inspite of the struggles!!

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