Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Up,up and up the hill-I come from the hills and I almost had a vertigo and an altitude sickness.By the time I reached our colleagues home my ears had started ringing and I could barely manage to calm down my poor gut.Landour,here I come....having heard so much about the place from my colleagues...and even from a dear cousin who took such a fancy to the place that he plans to retire in those hills...It was like a dejavu..!I gulped the wonderful tea,played around with the fuzzy tom-cat,whose reaction was almost human!The journey killed the joy!The hospital was awkwardly placed in the middle of nowhere...reminded me of government hospices back home.. I even dread to enter.The market place was another tourist mall in a hill-station i am only too familiar with.Aren't you from Sikkim?Isn't Sikkim hilly?-asked someone.One would understand me better if I explained that going home was driving by the banks of the Teesta to the gentle curves of the Sikkim hills-there was no climbing to Mandrake's xanadu!Due to constraints of time,I was deprived of the joy of making it to the sister's bazaar and the many halloed landscape and real estates one hears stories about.I liked the view of the Woodstock school one gets from the road we walked through,did not have the stamina to make it there although was offered a visit by a senior colleague who was visiting his wards there.The place was tough on my sinuses,my vestibular system and a bit too touristy for my taste.Quite a contrast to Lukhnow!

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