Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A paradigm shift.

Is there a need for a paradigm shift in the way we look at rural India?
India has it all,the best of brains,all the money,all the poverty and a disbalance in the distribution of opportunity ......and the wealth.
Privellaged get most of the privellages and the poor..a few discarded favours.
We have the best of brains coming out from our institutions....this incredible India has no dirth of people who can innovate and innovate more for personal survivol.Why can't rural India be made part of the projects of the curriculum of the creme dela creme of our society who pass out from the institutions like IITs,IIMs,etc...every year?They rack their brain..they do it for America...Why can't they be made to do it for India?
The country has the resources in terms of money,man-power,brains...everything but it is hardly chanellised for the greater good.
The heart of India lies in the villages...the answer does not lie in doling out subsidies......but in investing time,energy ,thought and changing the way the rural India thinks....

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