Sunday, December 20, 2009

Waiting for Godot!

Strange way to look at this advent season!
I remember my sibling looking at us one lazy holiday afternoon sunning ourselves and remarking sardonically-'waiting for Godot huh!'
Here we are in the hospital two doctors working our hearts out literally, me awaiting the inevitable....literally waiting for Godot!!
There are the children preparing for the christmas play,churning out the same old thing they have been doing for the last God knows how many years.
Christmas at home??I haven't been home for christmas for the last five years or so.
Every one in the extended family seem to be sick.If not tragic, it almost looks sinister.So I am here supposed to lead the campus for the christmas celebrations wishing I could be anywhere but here!
Got thoroughly harrased by the press the whole morning -gave them a good speech-pity them!I wouldn't know how I would have sounded after a sleepless night on duty but they were full of apology as they left ....awaiting the papers to see what they write!No worries though,we couldn't have done more for anyone!
Supposed to give the message in the church on sunday after the christmas!

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