Friday, December 11, 2009

These are the days!

Strange night, four patient's at the death's door were pulled out by the grace of God.
Gun-shot injury where the bullet had gone in through the left jaw and was lodged in the left retroauricular region.Took it out with an LA.The patient is recovering well.Had never seen a bullet in my life before except on TV.These are election times and this is Palaumu.One can never be sure what to expect.
Second was an accident ,where the patient had fallen from a bike.There was absolute fracture of the humerus and bleeding in the abdomen.Just the wife and a twelve year old for company,in shock.We arranged for blood and did an exploratory laparotomy.The patient is recovering well.
Third was a case of placenta accreta who had bled so severely that she was again in shock-she just had 2gms of haemoglobin and both the male bystanders were dead drunk.Had to do an emergency hysterectomy at the middle of the night.
Fourth is a commonplace enough ailment of rupture uterus which normally comes in from Garhwa district.
Laparotomy with repair had to be done.
Whew!quite a handful for a night's work.
It was Good morning to the theatre team by the time we all could go home.

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