Monday, December 14, 2009


Migration has been seen as a very important factor influencing the pattern of disease and its control in India.One gets to understand the reality of it’s influence when one becomes involved in the control programmes at the ground level.In Jharkhand,there are the seasonal migrants who are said to migrate to areas like brick kilns during the lean agricultural season for livelihood.It has been assumed that the majority of these labourers migrate due to desperate poverty.
However,Alpa Shah from the department of Anthropology in Goldsmith College from the university of London has an interesting sociological take on the process.
‘Many see the brick kilns as a temporary space of freedom to escape problems back home, explore a new country, gain independence from parents’
NREGA’s hundred day’s work may not have the supreme solution to migration and disease control,although it certainly abets the problem to some extent.

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