Monday, December 7, 2009

Issues that could hold the key ……

Tribals in India ,as in most parts of the world, are forest dwellers.They have lived in the forest and subsisted on them for their livelihood .These forests were acquired by the forest departments without settling the issues of rights and the tribals became enchroachers in the forest they have lived on since time immemorial.

Sanjay Patnoik in-‘ PESA,the Forest Right Act,and Tribal Rights in India.’

“In the continued harangue over national objectives and global needs, the question of the
livelihood security of the forest dwellers has been given quiet burial-as if they belong to
another planet. As we have seen, forests in India have always been valued for revenue profit,
conservation, and as a genetic reservoir. They have never really been perceived or managed as
a livelihood recourse. The fact that sustainable development of forests is possible with the
harmonious blending of local, national, and global needs has never been acknowledged in the
country. In what can be called the mother of all ironies, the Government, through its policies
and actions, first pushes the forest dwellers into utter penury and then starts poverty
alleviation programs for them.”

What do the tribals do to protect their rights.They do what they have been doing all their lives,take up arms and declare war against people who are threatening to usurp their rights.

Somewhere ,somehow every surpressed wound ,every wrong,every injustice brushed aside has a way of showing it’s head in someway.Someone has to pay for the sins committed-when and how is the only question?

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