Friday, October 1, 2010

CWG ,a lesson!

I always end up creating a ruckus with my loud laughter when I am around Jamela aka.
Today she was narrating the whole Commonwealth games ruckus from the eyes of a Delhite commuting past the area to the office everyday.We have already been hearing a lot about the drive on the part of the CWG authorities to hide the slums of Delhi behind corrugated sheets put hastily on the side of the roads with huge banners to hide the slums.She was narrating how on the first day after that, they noticed a small hole cut out from the sheet from where people were commuting in and out to the open road.It stayed that way for a few days more but after a week some ingenious fellow had brought out a whole bed through the gap and a whole lot of the slum-dwellers were generally using it as a chowk,to sit on and talk.
I laughed my guts out in the central office when I heard this but on the retrospect I was just thinking what a great illustration of a hidden sin it was!

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