Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do I listen enough?

Developed an acute ear infection and got a taste of tinnitus and vertigo yesterday.My Rinne's and Weber's are haywire.The ENT surgeon thinks I might be getting Menniere's,I hope not.
In the mean time I had to take the chapel.Ango was sweet enough to translate for me.Not that I don't have a hold over hindi but I found the whole process of mentally translating my meditation to hindi as I spoke,too tedious.
Four aspects of our call came through in the meditation.
1)Call to interpret the sign of times.
2)Call to convert in response to the interpretation.
3) Call to touch God.(Ref-Luke 7,vs36-50;Mark 12,28-44;Mark 5,28.
Imagine God telling you 'You have done a beautiful thing!'.
4)Call to connect to God.
'Disconnected Moses only managed to bring trouble to himself and his family but connected the might of Egypt could not stand before him.'

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