Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank you Lord......!

A week's shopping was due-was literally out of the permutations and combinations in my diet.The doctor had advised me morning walks for my ears-have been faithfully walking ever since.I have no idea when the transition to a good patient happened.Today was sunday so I thought I would postpone my walk for the evening and club it with shopping.I took the path through the tea estate.The jungle was a delightful spectrum of colours and could have passed off for a bird sanctuary...a cow and a calf was at it munching off the tea bushes...I walked on taking in ,delighting in the restfulness of it all.A kilometre away I was in Vikashnagar vegetable monger's drooling over all the fresh vegetables, a sure sign of winter coming in.
By the time I had decided what I wanted and needed, the plastic bags were breaking to the seams so I demanded a stronger bag off the man.Apologetically he fished out a plastic sack and asked me if that would do.It looked pretty convenient albeit a little awkward for the others.One staff happened to catch up with me at the butcher's and was all apologetic offering to carry my bag...I ofcourse declined.....felt absolutely free with the sack on my right shoulder,my bag hanging across my neck..and a polythene with the meaty fare in my left hand....
The grocers outside the herbertpur gate were all smiles even as they greeted me were the staffs...smiling from ear to was worth it just to see all of them smile in camaderie for whatever reason.
I for one had a refreshing walk!


Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

Chers, Enoch and me read this together and I laughed. Hats off to the same old Cherring!!!!

Chering said...

Yeah Sheba!Iam glad you and Enoch enjoyed yourself.
Please let Enoch know that!