Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting to know my ears!

I have been getting these episodic vertigos in spring for the past five years .October saw me travelling.I developed it again.Quite a few people in the paraphenalia were spinning as well so I took a labhrynthine sedative and pushed it to the back of my mind.After a week when I started developing tinnitus as well my alarm bells started ringing so I visited the ENT surgeon.Saurav after having examined my ear told me'Mam,you have Menniere's disease '.I discovered something else that day.My ability to feel shocked or upset had also taken a bouncer.
The only emotion I felt was an intense curiosity!Suddenly I was very eager to get to know my ears.I was in no discomfort whatsoever but my head had started ticking overtime trying to discern different aspects of my hearing and tinnitus.As was expected,comprehension to low frequency sounds were a bit muzzled so was the ability to discern words against a noisy background.Grand!I go for my audiometry this saturday.
I turn thirty-nine next month and I realised I had taken this God-given sense for granted and now it was asking for some attention so I needed to give it.
While walking on the road I often find myself tilting my head just to enjoy the sound of the birds twittering or the sound of the crickets in October.I remember when I told my younger cousin I was getting posted to Herbertpur she had told me 'you can actually see fireflies at night and hear the crickets there!'
I was trying to mentally make a list of sounds I might miss were I to lose my hearing completely.
They were, and not necessarily in that order-
The sound of the birds singing,the river flowing,the rain on a tin roof,sound of a gale on a quiet afternoon,sound of the dew on the grass...the heartbeat going lub dub assuring me there is life....,the sound of my mother singing early in the morning,..the sound of humanity worshipping God..voices of angels amidst the human din so I am not sure if it is my ears doing the listening anymore!
I still have my hearing intact,although it might have diminished,I am quite certain it is enough for the amount of listening I do with it anyways!
Thank you Lord for it.

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