Saturday, October 9, 2010

Isaiah 11:6

It's a saturday and I have an afternoon off and the luxury to sit on the computers for sometime.Nandu and Ango were with me for a week,they have left for JKD.It's always nice to have my juniors around.
There is something extremely fresh,naive and heart-warming about these youngsters who immediately take it in themselves to be your gaurdian of sorts.One person I had the privelage to meet while in Chattarpur was Anjali,a fresh junior doctor from Ludhiana doing her bond with EHA.I had gone there to replace one of the senior doctors.She was looking after the medical patients in the hospital.
I was taken aback and very warmly amused to observe how she took me under her wings while I was there.She had a ready answer and a solution for almost all the queries and concerns I had.She made sure I had all my meals,I had a stethoscope,a pen to write with,a book to read,tea in the mornings,water in my room,dosa for breakfast..and even a chocolate cake because I happened to have the craving for it then.I found myself smiling to myself when one evening after having had a strenous time at work she told me just before we parted'Mam you can call me if you have any problems!'-I wondered what the little girl would do but I sheepishly said 'ok'.
A lot of credit for the way these youngsters are ,I guess goes to the people who nurture them.The seniors in Chattarpur have done a fine job with Anjali...the day after I left Chattarpur she graciously sent me a message thanking me for my stint in the hospital!

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