Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going out for a clinic!

I went to the Bathshaibagh clinic with the CH team today.It's an hour's drive from the hospital.It's a lovely drive and the clinic is situated within the campus shared in common by the Central industrial Security Force and the Hydel project.
A few things struck me even as I attended to the patients in the clinic.
1)The people who wait for doctors to reach the clinic are the old,debilitated and those who are unable to access health facilities at a distance.If we were not there they would have been over-looked.Hence it seems extremely essential for the doctors in our hospital to move out to the fields from time to time if we really want to reach out to the marginalised.
2)This year whichever part of the country I have been to, there seems to be a surge of malaria epidemic,I do not know what the government stats say.
3)A central security force like CISF does not seem to have any accessible health facility anywhere in the campus,not even a dispensary.Felt extremely sad.Were there to be any emergency of sorts they would have to make arrangements to cart the patient an hour away to our hospital or two and half hours away to Saharanpur.
I had a series of cadets saluting me even as they got their ailments treated in the clinic.

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