Saturday, October 16, 2010

The teacher and the taught!

'Mam,the words in Park and Park are beginning to make sense....they are popping out of the book at me like it hasn't ever before..'-this is how one of the youngsters described the classes Jebu(Dr Jacob John) has been taking for our DNB trainees.
Public health has been a big struggle for them.It was so very kind of Jebu to take time out of his schedule ,to come all the way from CMC to Herbertpur to give the students a brush up.
These words from the student brought back to memory the same line used to describe a bible study taken by Dr Kuruvilla Varkey.
The words were actually uttered by Dr course of a conversation....during his visit to Satbarwa where I was based.
It is indeed heartening to know that the legacy of a good teacher and the taught goes on.......

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