Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Being Thoughtful!

Ango was with me for less than a month preparing for her DNB exams.She has always been for me a little sister ,brought my way ,I believe,by the Holy spirit.I have stopped wearing a watch for the past five years and have all but given up on my phone for the last one year.I carry the latter around more for incase,but never felt the urgency to charge it.People have a way of reaching out to you in this highly sophisticated world of advanced communication.
Coming back to Ango,she would be up and alert at five or so in the morning.I would hear her rustling around her room,having her quiet time,studying,etc and invariably I would be calling out to her in the other room asking her for the time.
It went on everyday for the rest of the days she was with me.
Time plays an important role in the mornings for me.It's a precious part of the day and I normally push in the best part of my day's schedule for then.It is perhaps the most important time of the day.
Ango presented me with a lovely wall-clock the day she left.
I put the clock up on the wall from where my morning couch lies.
Even as I take frequent glances at the time,I always remember Ango and Nandu in my intercessions...not because they presented me with a clock but because they have placed themselves before my prayer couch with a piece of thoughtfulness which remains.
Jesus,during his ministry had the same knack for doing things that mattered.
May that same sensitivity be mine!

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