Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meanderings of the mind!!

Sometimes it so happens that you just want to let your mind wander and keep wandering..it hasn't happened to me for sometime but I can see all the traits of a workoholic developing in me.I do my share of duty and more normally ,I do it because there is a need .I enjoy the work that I do but I don't necessarily drag myself around my work twenty four hours a day.I stuff in a lot of other things within that schedule but the last but one week I am beginning to observe myself staying longer hours at work....I leave the workplace by seven or later which is not normal for me....I need a lot of time to myself and I am quite possesive about it.
The other day my sister was having a spell of dizziness and the doctors were at it trying to get to the bottom of it and now she has a MRI in her hand which reads a 'small six into six millimetre patch in the left parietal lobe ,may be demyelination!'.
She is a non- medico and was on the phone asking me about it's implication.I kept it to myself the first day not knowing how she would take it but the next day I found myself explaining to her what demyelination meant and she was at her funniest best.She thinks it might be part of a normal finding in the ethnic population we belong to.
Her husband was at it making sure all forms of radiation sources were taken note of.He is a journalist with Tehelka which took out the controversial 'Tehelka radiation survey '.My guess is that he might be attributing it to the onslaught of environmental pollution...he might be right,we certainly don't have it in our genes...or do we???.
My sister had a word of advice for me.
Walk around with a helmet!!

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