Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Mathew shared today…..!

Mathew for one always surprises me with his faultless hindi.

He gave the sermon in the church and it was a powerful sermon.

Few things that I remember …

We are here on a Sunday because of the Cross and not because of Christmas.

When Mary said ‘so shall it be with me !’ to the angel ,she was fearful in the circumstances that surrounded her where the punishment for adultery was being stoned to death and being a social out-caste.

When she agreed to the virgin birth she also agreed to a lifetime of pain.

God put the burden of the salvation of the World on two young shoulders ,who went through periods of uncertainity,displacement…during this very season….

Christianity is a lifetime of intense pain which brings us to the experience of exceeding joy amidst it and is not a chocolate candy solution for everything there is.

He challenged the youth in the church ,amidst the activities of the christmas to read through the four gospels.

He cautioned us against institutionalizing christmas as netas in India do the Gandhi Jayanti...what we cannot follow we put them on a pedestal and give it our token respect.

Christianity is as much a paradox as the birth of the Master of the universe who emptied himself for the salvation of the world!

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