Friday, December 3, 2010

'Fazal tera hum par prabhu..raham tera hum par....'

One of our seniors was visiting from abroad.
While speaking in one of the devotions,he was reminding us how fortunate we were to start off a day's work with the morning prayer.He asked us if we were aware of it.
Having worked in a mission hospital for most of my adult life it is a norm but for me every day,a good time of corporate worship with devotion before the work starts off continues to be precious.I remember during my post-grad days running to the chapel early in the morning to sit on the cold cement ground of the ODC chapel to listen to the nursing students singing those melodiously beautiful Malyali and Tamil songs ,not that I understood too much of it ,but it used to be ethereal.Even now in HCH,the OPD staffs lead the worship to some out of world worship songs accompanied by beautiful indian and western instruments.Songs like 'Fazal tera hum par prabhu,reham tera hum par' typically folkish and heavenly ,has the ability to export us to another world alltogether.
Today was one of those days.It was the world disability day.
The pastor announced in the morning chapel that at ten sharp the siren would go off and wherever we were we should take a minute to remember the disabled of the world in our prayers.We in the OPD were attending to our patients when the siren went was a tremendous privellage and a great joy to stop for a moment..explain to the patient about the significance of the day and to pray together for these very special people who have made our lives fuller and more meaningful by just being around.

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