Saturday, December 11, 2010

Disadvantaged or advantaged..??

A fifty year old lady came to the out-patient accompanied by a fiesty husband with a history of having been through the DOTS-1 and DOTS-2 in the local PHC with continuing symptoms and with added features of florid peripheral neuropathy.The lady was having a tough time standing straight the first time I saw her.They were poor ,refused admission.Came back with the investigations which made my heart heavier.She had a suspicious mass in the right upper zone in the X-ray and her sugars were touching 400mg%.
She needed a CT,but that would put them back straight by two grands where they were counting the pennies for the immediate treatment.It was a saturday afternoon and it was well past the out-patient time.While the out-patient staff patiently waited,I struggled through my words to convey the news.The man looked a little indecisive and wanted his wife's opinion.The wife took the matter in her hand and very calmly made some very practical decision taking the matter and the responsibility into the collective hands of the family.She asked to be prescribed some antidiabetic and said would come back asap with the CT .These were obviously poor people from Saharanpur in UP.I was relieved to see such resilence and practicality in the face of such obvious set-back.I was just bidding the couple good-bye when the husband suddenly turned around and said,-'We will get you a gift when we come back next!'It was said with an element of joy and gratitude ...
I was absolutely taken aback and humbled...generosity of spirit in the face of adversity!...I definately have a lot to learn from the disadvantaged!

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