Thursday, December 23, 2010

There it is !!

Sadoli block has been bothering me for the past two days.Today ,I shot a letter to the CMO,ACMO and the medical officer incharge of the block.Mukesh is planning a mela for Hep B awareness,immunisation and testing in the area.He called up a panchayat head in the village and was told that another person near his house had just died of jaundice a few days back.
Got talking with one of the patient's bystanders from the area and he was sharing how the previous day when he went to a visiting RMO?Quack ?from Dehradun to administer a pain injection for his old man, he observed that the so called Dr was using the old man's used syringe and needle for a little baby and another patient who came in after that. When he reprimended him ,I believe he said,-'they cannot afford a fresh one ,so never mind!'.
Waiting to see how the government goes about investigating the issue and taking some measures.

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a pilgrim said...

same story here ....Lots of hep B without risk factors...One man who was diagnosed with ASymptomatic HIV told "gaavn mein jola sooyi lagatha hai bina change karke.wohi kaaran ho saktha hai"..I was little taken aback...I never thought that way!