Saturday, April 6, 2013

At the crossroads!

We have this tuck shop at the side of the entrance of the hospital.To me the value of the shop lay in the 50 pence pens one can hastily dive into on a busy day when one cannot find one's pen for the fiftieth time in a  month.
The other day,after five months in the trust I took some time to read the writing at the entrance.The shop belonged to WVRS,another abbreviation in a market place of abbreviations one is forever trying to decipher in the United Kingdoms.
It is not that I haven't scoured the shop I have,and it actually frightens me.
It has variety of sweetmeats,cakes,biscuits,fizzy drinks,chips,fries,ice-creams,host of feel good romance novels,dailymails with local news...anything and everything I would normally run ten miles away from.
The other day I googled WVRS and guess what it stands for?-Women's royal volumtary services-and it works towards making life easier for the older people.
Now that was something that was very close to my heart.
So the next afternoon I deliberately missed my meals and visited the shop again,I went through the shop once without picking anything,second time round determined I hastily picked up a packet of chips,a queen cake and a packet of bourbon biscuit before I changed my mind.
The people in the extremes of age seem to enjoy these fare.There must be some wisdom in it.
I am still trying to find it.

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