Thursday, April 4, 2013

Without groceries for a week!

Tomorrow could be the last day of living off rack soups,apple crumble and canteen pannini.Perhaps I will make it to the market on saturday.
Anyways,what do I normally eat.A full meal consists of baked potatoes and chicken drumsticks with a readymade sauce.To make me feel better I push in a few green leaves on the top.The reason I eat this meal is because all you need to do is put the ingrediants on the baking tray and forget about them.
In the mean time my mind wonders all over the place.
Do I cook rice?Very seldom because when I do I have to start worrying about the curry,dal....and it goes on.
For instance today I forgot to eat my breakfast,did not have the time to eat my lunch and did not have the time to think about tea.The morning cup was what kept me going.At the end of the day I dragged myself to the canteen and ordered a takeaway of fish pie,mash and vegetables and picked a couple of oranges to quieten my conscience.Eversince I have come to England I have become an avid tea-drinker.I need the tea and I have never ever in my life felt the need for a cup of tea before,I have just drunk it,cups and cups of it,at different places and venues.
Never been a connosseur ,but some tastes stay in your heart's pumpkin curry,sarah aka's chicken curry in chennai,ammama's rasam,dal and sunday lunch with aplam,dadiji's matar palau in Bankura,Anne's Worcester dinners,my aunt's alu dum...Laxmi's mutton curry .and the quintessential alu chura from the channa wala in front of the Hari-stores in Gangtok.

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