Thursday, April 11, 2013

More precious than Gold.

My dad and mom is visiting my sister in Australia.My dad's younger sister who's widowed recently is accompanying them.This is their first visit to their daughter's in Sydney.Every step of the way arrangements were made for pick ups and things like that because all of us were extremely anxious about the long flights they were to take.
My sister who went to the airport to pick them up was looking through the glass ,anxious even as they landed in Delhi.She was extremely touched to see my aunty marching ahead with the luggages and my dad catching my mom's hand and leading her with her handbag on his shoulder.My father is 84 years old and my mom must be 78.My aunt must be touching 70.
My parent's have never been the demonstrative kind but as they get older, all of us get to see glimpses of heaven in the relationship they have with each other.
My favourite story is the one my 'man of few words ',brother shared with us.
My mom had gone to be with my sister for a few days.My brother makes it a point to sleep in the same room with my father when he is alone.Much to his chagrin,my father has this habit of talking to my mother in the early hours of the morning.Since habits die hard my brother had to bear the onslaught of my father's conversation from three in the morning.
We always tease our father about whom he favours the most amongst his kids -he always gives a diplomatic 'all of you are the same'.This week much to the family's amusement we came to know who it was.When dad saw my sister's house in Australia ,his way of expressing his appreciation was a statement he expressed to mom.'When we get back we must build a similar house for Mimi'!,Mimi is my sister who is immediately older than me.All of us had a good laugh over it....but somehow it has stayed on with sister is indeed fortunate she chose to stay closer home and has had the best share of times spent with parents.
My parents have been givers all their lives.Even at this age when they should have been dependant on other people ,all of our lives hang around them...they give us joy,they give us unconditional love,they give us gifts of simplicity,they give us precious pieces of moments and glimpses into a life of total sacrifice and commitment,they give us something to go back to.
Thank you Lord for my parents,if I could have it my own way I would have sainted them.

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