Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sold out to Christ.

In our church ,the call , in the course of the preaching is to 'die for christ'-nothing less.
I was watching a movie on the life of apostle Paul the other day.
I was struck by the fact that right from the day Paul was called by Christ into the ministry he was called to die.Unlike the other apostles who until the day of the Pentecost never fully understood the call,Paul knew what he was getting into.
I was so touched by the movie,especially to note how eloquently Paul describes the 'Love of Christ'.
'Neither height nor depth........'
Sometimes,I too get overwhelmed by this love for Christ,love for His children who are sold out to die for Him.....and then I wonder!is it normal to yearn with a deep yearning for a fellowship of such people...I keep hoping ,I keep yearning..pray it will be mine right here on earth...completely sold out to Christ-Am I?


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