Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Unless you be converted and become like a litttle child.....'

I spent the day with an intelligent six year old today.I enjoy the company of children and am fascinated by the way they respond and react to situation.The other day my little friend told me,'you know my life is only just begun,I feel trapped inside myself and I will never be able to break free'.I was stunned speechless.This could only be thought insertion from somewhere so I talked to my friend and we scoured the exposures carefully and could not put our finger on where she could have picked up such a grave statement.
This morning we decided to be children and carefully planned our day accordingly.We spent the morning painting pictures after which as the sun rose we went to the garden to discover different wild flowers of all colours in different parts which had sprung up,thanks to the spring.The daffodils took the cake ,flashing,pretty and very much' Wordsworthian'.
Stella ,her toy cat ,had quite a bit of hiding to do even as we searched the gardens for her in turns.One time she was looking down from the bird feed on top of our heads even as we looked everywhere else.
We had a picnic lunch in the garden accompanied by Captain Haddock,Tin Tin and Snowy for company.
I sang the old nursery rhymes from the shelves of my rusty brain even as she laughed her belly out.I played the guitar,we solved a few puzzles from the book I had gifted her the previous day and then came to a consensus about a little afternoon nap.
Did I enjoy myself? I absolutely did
My friend said she had a great day too.

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