Monday, April 15, 2013

Heart beat for Arsenal!

Vicky Tiberio's heart was running all over the place.He had an intractable ventricular tachycardia.He had an Intracardiac defibrillator in place but the device had gone haywire it seemed.He was brought in with a history of collapse with a very poor cardiac function,The doctor saw him ,tried his best to do what he could do and ultimately had to call the nearest of kin and let them know that it was a lost case.They gave him five hours.
One by one all the family members came to bid him goodbye,it was done with a lot of sadness and good humour.Even the tiniest member of the family had a voice that was heard about the decisions regarding the last hours.
The next morning,twelve hours later ,his heart beat was back to normal and he was weak but still very much alive.
He had a grouche against his wife though.She had not supported Arsenal ,his favourite football team, in the previous night's match.
His family members walked in one by one,giving him updates about the match from various angles.It was a full house ,twelve of them happily chatting away even as he held on to the oxygen mask and threw in a comment or two.
The doctors escalated his resuscitation measures,The last I saw him, he was tenaciously holding on to life with all it's pathos,joys and kinship of friends and family.
I remember hearing the cheers of the football match in the television in the ward.All of them have a bed-side TV.It never struck me then.But now I wonder if  Vicky Tibero had been watching the match in his television yesterday ?I never checked,I remember being struck by the sound and I am trying to put two and two together after I have spoken to his wife and the family.
His wife remarks,'You must think we are a very funny family!'
I am not very sure about that,I have seen funnier.

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