Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Christmas truce on the western front-25th December 1914.

She was my last but one patient.Was born tomorrow in 1935.She was smoking away like a chimney.
Brought in by her daughter for apparent confusion for the past four days,had apparently cleared this morning but the GP had sent her anyways because she was often found walking around with a saturation of 75.
She had home nebulisors and LTOT but she had packed it in, into the garage.The daughter was petrified because she had this habit of smoking next to the oxygen cylinder.None of her kids had picked up her habit.She had lost her husband to cancer some five years back.
I was, as usual trying to asses her orientation and she seemed to be as clear as can be.
She scored a ten out of ten in her abbreviated mental test.
When I asked her the dates of the second world war she told me she was four when the war began.
When I asked her the date of the first,she suddenly remembered watching a movie of the first world war when there was a ceasefire for the christmas day, how England and Germany had played a football match across the barbed wires.
I was deeply touched by what she remembered.
I went through the timeline of the first world-war on the net and the Christmas truce on the western front was actually a reality.
Oh Lord Jesus,even in the madness of loss of human reason ,we cannot but acknowledge that You are the Prince of Peace and You reign.


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