Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Bible is not for fools and babes,it's for those who have to face the reality of heaven and hell on earth!

He could have been all of twenty eight years.I saw him in the casualty with a nasogastric tube in his nose which looked black due to the decontamination measure(charcoal) the CMO had given him.Looked haemodynamically stable.He refused to answer anyone's query as to what he had taken.He kept his eyes tightly closed.I mentally made a note that this would be a tough nut to crack.He was shifted to the ICU for close monitering.
The next I saw him ,he shuffled into my consultation room for counselling.Yes,he shuffled in because he had early features of motor neuron disease,the fact that I had misssed out on the first night when we were so busily focussing all our attention on the poison and it's effects.
He started talking then and I listened.
He had been married for seven years.He had two children.His wife of seven years hated him and literally made his life hell.She was not only promiscous,she was also intent on taunting him and had on many occassions threatened to put him in a spot.She refused to look after the children or do household works most of which he did himself with some help from his old mother.
On several occassions he had personally taken her back to her father's house but he had promptly brought her back.He had become a laughing stock in front of the entire village.
He goes to the jungle early in the morning with his goats and comes back late in the evening.Once his wife had even tried to hang herself and had duely warned him that he would be held responsible.Then he said that the wife would call him a 'Langra'(lame person) and would mock him.That was when he broke down...
In the stillness of the room,sister Sangeeta and myself sat with him in utter silence..deeply touched by his pain.
I could just about tell him that God had created him beautifully just as he was and that limping was an attribute that had more importance spiritually than physically.
He needed the gospel of Christ badly.I asked him if he could read and he told me both he and his wife were illiterates.
Conversion is a tabboo word in these times.
Did he need to be converted?
My answer was -an absolute yes!!!!
He needed to be converted from his situation of absolute hopelessness to the Hope that is in Christ.
He needed to be converted from all the lies the world and the people around him had fed him with about his worthlessness to the Golden truth that he was precious,his life had been bought at a costly price at the Cross in exchange for God incarnate Himself who died on the Cross that we may have life.
He needed to be converted from death to life and life eternal!
May the Lord's mercy make Christ his inheritance in the follow up visits inspite of us.

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