Sunday, January 16, 2011

In the mean time.

Travelled back all the way to Herbertpur in a day.Was quite zapped out by the time we actually hit the place.I am yet to sit down and assimilate what has been done so far and work out the plans to chart out what needs to be done in the coming days.Looks like a handful indeed.
The weather change has been drastic.It was a little confusing down south with no cue whatsoever from the locals.The schedule was such that we had to be ready for the breaker at 6.30 AM in the morning.Would be coldish but we never quite got the pulse on the right amount of clothing all through.Early in the morning we would see hefty men dressed to the hilt from thigh above with monkey caps,jackets and mufflers but the lungi would be well above the knee and absolutely bare feet.Not a great help here.Some of the candidates would come out hesistantly with sweaters just to suffer through it through another weather confused afternoon.
Met some old colleagues some of whom surprised me with their predictability.It was like time had never really moved.Was looking forward to meeting two of my seniors from ODC but both of them were abroad.
Visited the Dawn bakery to buy some banana chips and the fellow actually recognised me.I remembered all of the patties and coffee I had had there during tea-breaks during my rotations in CMC with Meena and ...forgotten the name ( a microbiologist from Mangalore)but remember her face well.
One day I walked through the street aimlessly just to soak in what I remembered of the place and I realise it is absolutely utilitarian.
On my way back spent five hours in the Delhi air-port just window shopping...picked up Harriet Beecher Stowe's 'Uncle Tom's cabin' and another 'biography of a slave'.
Also had the privellage to sight some faces which look absolutely familiar but cannot put your finger on it..only to realise you have seen them in your drawing room in your idiot box sometime.It was Javed Akhtar,the poet writer from Bollywood and Manish Tewari ,the congress spokesman who argues his way on different issues in your news channels..there was a third...God knows who??
The weather in Dehradun speaks for itself.It is coooold here absolutely!
I plan to meet up with the Satbarwa team for dinner.
Better start cooking!

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