Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twenty wish lists for the coming year.

The winter is flourishing in Herbertpur as expected.
The cold winds coming in intermittantly with the shower which stays but for a while.The winter sun comes in the mornings and sort of hangs around till the noon,the monkeys on the terrace are the only lucky souls to enjoy it.Christmas was strainful and albeit a little sad.The voices of worship stiffled by the chill in the weather and the hearts.The new year dawned with the Hope,grace and mercy that can only be yours and mine because Jesus lives.
The Hindustan times ,Dehradun issue on the first, was something you would want to hide from your children.There were three articles including the headlines writing about attrocities on children.There was Aarushi's case,......and others are better left unmentioned.
The older I get,more desperately I cling to the Word of God.I chucked off my television when I left Satbarwa...i am glad I did...the papers are just that,papers but for a few articles in the centre page which are sometimes thought-provoking.
Mr Gandhi had written a pretty article on twenty wishes for the new year with a caption which said-(These wishes are tough because they are the easiest things to do...).
I thought I would sit and make a wish-list for myself.....I thought it was a great exrcise but never imagined how tough it would be...a realisation hit me like a bang.....I really don't seem to know what I want!
Hopefully Lord,by your Mercy and Grace you will lead me through what you want with my fragile life ......and that will be my portion till eternity.

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