Sunday, January 30, 2011

Role models??

Role model in a christian context,what is it exactly?
Do we have them anymore?Were the footprints left by the men and women of the past so great that we keep pointing out the lack of it in the current scenario?
I am not asking but I find this issue raised often times enough.
I personally do not think we need 'role models' as much as we do 'genuine models',faltering men and women of God going about their portion in Good faith.
The Gospel of Luke potrays the need of the kingdom and the hour.
The kingdom does not need good people like the rich young ruler,it needs people who are willing to follow Jesus.Infact even Jesus says in so many words "Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good -- except God alone".
Role models are perceptions of the onlookers.I have seldom seen or heard a contemporary labelling a colleague as a role model-it is always someone older,bigger and from a totally different generation.
Most times attributes in a person that tends to touch our lives are seldom concious,it's something that flows over from their daily bungling,bumbling,disoragnised lives.It very often goes unexpressed but it leaves an impression in the lives of the people touched and in the Great book above.
If you notice what touched Jesus during His ministry on had a was earnestness in any form....
No doubt,human beings have a feet of clay.Regardless of how much we tend to idolise people and their ways ,all of us are just that...human being...born in sin and justified only by Grace.
As long as you can get down on your knees with friends and foes(if there is any) alike,look to God for guidance with a sincere heart and earnestly walk towards it,I think one is on the way.
Remember it is God who keeps both side of the bargain...

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