Saturday, January 8, 2011

Off on a journey again!

I am off to the familiar portals of Vellore once more.
This time to attend a workshop.Apparently a group of consultants are working on a common protocol for poisening and as CMC often does ,they are roping in a group of mission hospitals....nothing seems to be clear at the moment,I just have a list of work-shop roster and a one way ticket handed in by a colleague and I am off tomorrow only because our poison incidents are extremely high here and I need to understand what I can pick up from the seminar especially since they have included the counselling bit with the department of psychiatry.
The added bonus is that my senior from ODC seems to be part of the team.
I also hope to do some shopping around for our DNB family medicine course here,meeting up with old colleagues and seniors who seem to be managing the programme there to get the feel of what they are up to.
I am looking forward to the visit.

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