Friday, January 14, 2011

Fruitful four days!

Just finished a four day extensive workshop organised by the infectious disease team in CMC for toxicology under the ECHO project.I am impressed by the concept and encouraged by the spirit behind it.
The idea is to equip the peripheral hospitals not only in quality monitering but also to empower them as potential resource centres for poison management with the faculty in CMC accompanying the hospitals on a regular basis either by telemedicine conferencing,email,telephones and contact classes.
I have always felt that an institution like CMC had a greater responsibility towards health-care in our country by virtue of the vision it was started with,richness of the resources it enjoys and the sheer standards on quality it has set for itself.
For an institution or individuals to be relevant it is mandatory that it has a firm hold on the ground realities that plague our huge nation and contribute effectively towards bettering it.
Net-working with the peripheral hospitals could not only help in improving the care in the peripheries but could also result in knowledge sharing and chanellising mutual learning towards platforms to inform and influence policies that may be relevant to the deprived mass that still forms the majority in our nation.
CMC seems to be on the way!

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