Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Magnificent

This u-tube version of the hill-song adapted with pictures from BBC's planet earth was sent to me in a mail by Dr Mark Kniss,who was the founding doctor of the hospital I worked in in JKD.I have met him but for a month during his visit to the hospital almost three decades after he left the place.I did not hold any responsibility apart from that of a physician then.Eversince,he has accompanied me through all those years of responsibility in Satbarwa.
The assurance of such stalwarts being on their knees was what kept me going through all those years.
I would also get a monthly phone-call all the way from America....
This mail came through on a day when I needed the reassurance badly.I had just lost a patient I had been struggling with for the last two days and was feeling utterly lost and beaten.I sat through the afternoon ,just soaked in the healing the recording seem to bring forth....and I blessed him from the heart and did what I normally do when I am touched.I shared it with all the people I could possibly think of.
Thank you Dr Kniss!

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