Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The story behind the science.

'A' was married off at sixteen to an opium addict who left her when she was one and half months pregnant.She was born to a family of five sisters and she was the last but one.When her son was five years old her parents chanced upon her husband somewhere and brought him back.He lives with her but she adds he doesn't want to and looks like he will leave anytime as he continues to remain an addict.Her old parents are sick and suffering.Her five siblings are married and settled.Her son is six years old now.She is emotionally bankrupt at twenty one,has no support system.Saw no point in life.
She consumed carbide.
'B' was again married off at the age of fifteen.Her husband was an alcoholic who died of haemetemesis when she was twenty.She has two sons and a daughter,fourteen,ten and six.Ever since her husband died,her sons have stopped listening to her and goes their own way.She is educating her daughter in upper KG.She has just managed to retrieve her health insurance card from the block,has approached the DC for a roof because her roof's given way and is running around to get her husband's pension which is due to her.She does not get along with her in laws who apparently make her life hell...but she is getting by and fighting her way through life.
She has presented to the OPD with headaches and insomnia and a vague chest pain.
'C'has studied till class nine.
She has a child who is studying in upper KG .She has but one aim in life and that is to give her child the best education possible.The last term, her child came back home with a result which showed that she had got zero in english so 'C'decided to put her onto some tution from the local master for english.The child is all of four years old.The tution was to start from six in the evening till seven.The winters are cold in Herbertpur so her husband suggested postponing the tutions till it got a little warmer.In a fit of rage when the children were playing outside and her husband had gone to collect some water,she consumed 5ml of phenol even while she cleaned the floor.
'D' is a beautiful lady from the hills of Chakrota.Her husband works with a contracter and so has a very unpredictable work schedule.Most days she has to live with her in-laws.She feels like giving up on life because she has to do all the work at home,she cuts grass for her sister-in-law's cows who just gives her and her in-laws enough milk for the morning tea.
She feels sad and feels like ending her life.

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