Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Does God need me?

Yesterday was a day when I was feeling emotionally drained.My blood pressure recording the previous night which showed a high did not help.I had carelessly put in more than my usual share of salt in my curry and felt too lazy to do anything about it.Had a throbbing headache and when it amounted to nausea I walked to the casualty to get my blood pressure checked.As expected it was high.
I popped a sublingual nifedipine in my mouth, walked up to the library and then sat outside on the steps for about an hour just praying as I sweated it out.
Not a smart move,my blood pressure had plummetted down to 60/40,I waited a little longer till it came to 90/60 ,spent the evening with KT and Helen pouring out my woes,as usual they were there listening to me,helping me and praying with me.KT made his lovely cup of tea and Helen her heart-warming dinner.I entertained myself with Russel Peters.I laughed my belly out.
The next day was a monday.The OPD was chaotic.I could just about manage to catch a cup of tea with Alem and it was seven in the evening.Time for the monday prayer.Just then a lady was wheeled into the casualty.She was a paraplegic who had been bed-ridden for the past five years.She had insisted that she be taken to Lehmann hospital and her husband was very clear that just to fulfill her wish they had brought her in and they would take her back just then.The husband was a catholic and the wife a hindu.She understood every word I was speaking but could not speak a word .She could lip sync though.I shared the gospel in a few lines,letting her know that Jesus loved her,there was no need for her to be afraid and if she accepted the Lord as her personal savior she would have the inheritance of the eternal life.
I asked her if she would pray with me.I took her through the sinner's prayer twice even as she lip synced the whole thing .At the end of the prayer time when I asked her if she had truly prayed-she gave me an affirmative squeeze in the hand.I told her 'Jesus loves you'-even as I left her to go home for the the first meal of the day.Her husband took her back home.
This evening I was at the women's fellowship just praying when Alem called me up to let me know that someone had come to the casualty looking for me.It was the husband.He told me that he had come to withness to me that his wife had talked to all the family members at night and had gone to be with the Lord while in her sleep and she had been really struggling to get the release for a long time.He had come all the way just to thank me.This is not my story,this is the story of the Jehovah who loves his people,about the people who need the Jehovah,and a great God ,the creator of the universe,you and me, who listens to our feeble prayer,when we say 'Lord,I am feeling empty'and decides to feed you.

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