Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ties that bind !

It's well past a year since my cousin passed away.His mother is gracefully putting on in years.I can understand how difficult it must be for her to let go of a son and such a special one for that.Two nights back she dreamt a dream where one another cousin of mine walked into her room with a black bag carrying a letter from her dead son.The letter read,"dear mom,whenever you send a birthday card to wish my cousins please don't forget to write my name in it".She cried herself to sleep over it.
A day later she realised it was my sister's birthday the next day.
The two of them literally grew up together.
Even as the funeral took place,my sister had flown in from Australia and the memory that was clearest in her mind was of her as a little girl,the elder sister taunting the younger brother even as he bawled asking to be taken with her to wherever she was going.My cousin was forty six when he passed away and my sister was forty nine.The memories that tie us !

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